News 10/2021

Change in the management of Cteam Leitungsbau Österreich GmbH

We are very saddened by the sudden accidental death of Mr. Andreas Presslaber.
He had been the managing director of Cteam Leitungsbau Österreich GmbH since its foundation in 2015 and was a highly respected person on all sides.

Our long-time colleague and authorized signatory Mr. Alexander Zojer will follow in his footsteps and take over the management.
Next to him, Mr. Markus Peterseil, with sole power of attorney, will complete the company management.

We see ourselves as a committed team, which moves the company forward with full confidence in its own employees.

In this sense, we wish our newly formed management team not only the necessary luck, but also the strength and skill to continue the very successful path of the company.