Change in the management of Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH: Martina Buck, who was previously responsible for the commercial part, left the company by her own request on June 1st. We wish her all the best for her new professional journey. Annette Kolb-Brustgi, our former head of HR, financial accounting and taxes, has taken her place.


We look back on 20 years of company history and will celebrate this together with our employees in June 2022. Without them, we wouldn't have reached the point where we stand today!


Hubert Deutsch has been appointed as the new managing director of Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH. He takes over the position from Annette Kolb-Brustgi, who departed as the commercial managing director in mid-June. In close cooperation with the long-standing technical managing director Jochen Spitz, Mr. Deutsch will assume responsibility for corporate and organizational development, IT, human resources, purchasing and finance.

2023: Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH was awarded the contract for the line construction of the large-scale project NBR – Network Reinforcement Badische Rheinschiene. The largest one-handed overhead line project in Northern Europe to date.


Fit for the future

Martina Buck and Jochen Spitz join the management of Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH.

Launch of Cteam Lignes Aériennes SAS as a Cteam AG subsidiary in France. All service activities in France are pooled in future in Cteam Lignes Aériennes SAS.


2014: Organisational development / new management team in the group.

2014: Launch of Cteam Lignes Aériennes SAS as a Cteam AG subsidiary in France.

2015: Expansion in Austria with HABAU-Cteam through the transfer of around 50 experienced employees, complete with management team.

2016: Start of line construction and engineering activities in Belgium with Cteam SA Luxembourg.
2018: Cteam takes over the majority of scaffolding firm Stein GmbH, consolidating its strategic direction. 

2018: Habau-Cteam becomes Cteam Leitungsbau Austria, and Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH becomes the main shareholder.

2019: Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH takes over Dudek GmbH & Co. Kg, which currently employs around 50 people in the steel assembly, steel refurbishment, rope work, corrosion protection and concrete refurbishment business segments.  In the future, the company will operate under the name Cteam Netzservice GmbH.

The Cteam Energietechnik GmbH in Austria is founded, thus we are also active in the field of switchgear construction in Austria. 


Investment in the future

Cteam invests continuously in new technology so as to optimise work processes and ensure efficient service. 

Further and special training programmes for employees enable management personnel to be recruited from within the company, assuring the future of the enterprise in HR terms.

2010: K2E GmbH and Cteam NORD/OST move into their own premises in Leiferde. The subsidiary in Austria is created out of Habau and Cteam.


Top priority for safety

Regular safety and competence training activities ensure a highly skilled workforce with a high level of motivation. To prevent accidents, Cteam always works to the latest safety standards and ensures that its employees are provided with the very latest in safety equipment.

2012: 10 years of Cteam, and around 500 employees. Introduction of SAP. Cteam Anlagentechnik is founded in Velden. 

2012: New production building in Ummendorf.



Consistent expansion in line with customer demand, reinvestment of profit, motivation through good working climate, strengthening of team spirit, strong service mindedness, targeted process optimisation.

2013: Cteam is one of the leading enterprises in the planning and construction of high-voltage power lines.
K2E expands its resources with a project office in Verden. A Consulting Department is set up in Engineering and becomes a major pillar.


Well organised

The move to the company’s own premises, setting-up of the new warehouse and the creation of a new corporate design create optimum working conditions.

The shareholder structure changes – the group remains stable. Future-orientated participation of management personnel in the capital.

More and more customers have confidence in the company.

2005: Move to company-owned premises. Rapid growth in annual sales.


Growth - with prudence

Perfect work – wherever it is needed. To shorten the physical distance to the customers and be poised to meet the changing requirements of the market, after the project office in Stadthagen a second project office is set up in Troisdorf, and a branch office established in Leiferde. The new firms EGERI and K2E are created.


Sales of 70 million euros within the group, with a workforce of 300 people, including 200 in fitting/assembly and more than 40 engineers.

2006: Foundation of Cteam SAS, France, increasing numbers of customers place their trust in our process-oriented project management.

2007: Foundation of EGERI-Spezialbau in France.
Project office is set up in Troisdorf (meanwhile in Siegburg).

2007: K2E GmbH and Cteam NORD are founded in Isenbüttel (meanwhile Leiferde).


New start-up – With high motivation

Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH Deutschland is founded in 2002 by 21 experienced engineers, site managers and fitters.
Cteam stands for competenceteam™ in overhead line and mast construction and in the field of engineer.
Teamwork – motivated and competent.

2002: Cteam Consulting & Anlagenbau GmbH is founded in Germany.


Strength and quality

Cteam in Germany and Cteam in Luxembourg are joined by Cteam-Kull in Switzerland.

A high-powered group of companies is created – responsible, flexible, and geared to the market.

2003: Cteam SA is founded in Luxembourg.


Total commitment

Uncompromising customer-oriented commitment reaps its reward: Growing numbers of customers place their trust in the Cteam Group.

2004: The group is expanded by the addition of Cteam Switzerland.