Corporate Policy and Vision

To underscore the values of our company, which are based on loyalty, identification with the customer and the company, fairness and sustainability, we have laid down the following guidelines:

Our primary goal is to achieve maximum satisfaction and long-term trust and confidence in us on the part of our customers. Our aim is to identify the wishes of our customers early on and, through innovation and identification with the tasks, to offer the best solutions. The assessment of our performance is done by the customer. Quality leadership is both our vision and our mission.

We live an integrated management system that encompasses quality, occupational health and safety, and protection of the environment. Work safety is one of our overriding corporate goals.

The same aspiration also applies to environmental protection, the avoidance of damage to the environment, and the sparing use of natural resources. Commitment to this aspiration also extends to our partners and subcontractors.

Professional competence in our business fields is only achieved when occupational health and safety is effectively achieved, i.e. when we and our partners work accident-free. 
Constant improvement, open communication, exchange of information and opinions, and analysis are an integral part of our policy. Short communication channels are characteristic for our communication and decision-making processes and help to optimize them. We pursue and maintain open dialogue with our customers, partners and the public.

Compliance with legal regulations and the standards in force at any time is a matter of course for us and is constantly monitored. Restrictions on operation of the free market and violations of competition or antitrust law would be incompatible with our corporate policy.

We support and encourage the skills, creativity and motivation of our employees through further training, individual responsibility and a pleasant working environment. We strive to be an attractive employer for our employees. We aspire to have fair and mutually trustful relations with our workforce.

The success of our company is based on highly motivated and qualified employees, who assure the sustained success and future of the enterprise through efficient working practices, highest professionalism, knowledge and application of the latest state of the technical art, continuous optimization and economical use of resources.